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Mahjong 2003

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Mahjong is an ancient chinese solitaire. On the board there are 144 tiles with different figures. The aim of the game is to remove all the tiles from the board (two by two). Two tiles can be removed if:
1) they have the same figure
2) they can be right or left "shifted" (they must not be embedded between tiles)
3) no tiles is layed on them.
You must pay attention to the play strategy: at the end of the game you could reach a situation where no more tiles can be removed from the board. In this case you can undo the last moves and try another strategy (or decide to end the game). Sometimes (rarely) the random tile configuration of a level may be UNSOLVABLE ... in this case the only thing to do is to end the game.
Every two tiles removed you gain 1 point; you lose 2 points when you undo a move.
There is no time limit, so pay attention to your strategy ... in each level tiles are arrenged in different ways. Good luck!
ATTENTION tiles in each of these two groups are considered equal (same figure):

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